Duke Norris Aledon

Duke of the Regina Sub-Sector, NPC


Race: Humanati
Sex: Male
Age: 63
Career: COO of Sternmetal



With a background in the Navy, Duke Norris is more vocal than most in his calls for greater military strength to be deployed to the Marches. He is also very critical of what he calls ‘over–politicisation’ of the Sector Fleet and has repeatedly asked for forward–deployed battle squadrons to be pulled back into Lunion or Mora subsectors to create a more elastic defence. This would leave the ‘forward’ worlds, including Regina, vulnerable but Duke Norris maintains that strong system defence fleets at major worlds should be enough to hold out until a relief force arrives. Thus far Norris’ entreaties have fallen on deaf ears, and he is thought to be considering a direct appeal to the Emperor himself.

Duke Norris Aledon

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