Fisk "Joe" Kreux


Race: ?
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Career: Remnant Tracker



Fisk is a no nonsense individual, who comes off abrasive which he uses as a defense mechanism to cover up the sorrow and grief that he has had to bear all these years. He has has raised his little sister Karol since she was 5 and has taught her in the ways of survival, in some of the most hair raising scenarios you could imagine. He loves his sister more than he loves himself, in that she is the last surviving family he has and best friend as well. He would without a thought sacrifice himself if it meant saving his sister. The burden he has carried all these years shows in his face, he is not quick to jump into something, forever cautious, it has served him well, as he is a respected member of his people and has a seat on the council that governed his people, The Remnants. He despises dishonesty almost as much as he despises “The Astro Daemons”, he lives an honorable life and makes sure his sister and his people are safe. He really sees no hope for the future and clings to the small moments of joy he finds in his miserable existence.

Fisk "Joe" Kreux

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