Race: Unknown
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Career: Princess



Frin’tai’a’lee Comes from a distant part of the Galaxy, where exactly is not yet known. Frin’tai’a’lee Is very much a victim of circumstance, a star-crossed lover to a powerful Faruk warrior, she is the daughter of a powerful Warlord and Chieftain of the strongest and largest tribe on her planet. She is the youngest of 14 siblings.

On a starry night in a distant past Frin’tai’a’lee was wandering about near the river when Varlus happened to notice her as he himself was surveying the planet. Varlus was enthralled by her beauty, he stumbled into her presence drunk with love and managed to woo her to his affections. Varlus courted her for months unbeknownst to her people. The people saw Varlus as a God from legends, they did not know he took a form of flesh, so to deliver this news to the people would have received mixed reactions of all sorts. Varlus appeared to the village in power, the people bowed and were awed by his presence. He declared his love for a mortal woman to the Chieftain, her father. He did not understand and wasn’t sure how to react. But Varlus had made up his own mind and would take no for an answer. The father afraid of Varlus, soon gave his blessing, but hid a secret disdain for the prideful God. Out of joy Varlus spent over a year creating a monument on that planets large moon.

During that time An-Hu disguised as Varlus went to Frin’tai’a’lee over several nights and in secret gave to her his seed. When Varlus returned to her and she was with child his rage seemed such that it would never end. He brought destruction and harm to many of the planets denizens. He found out of An-hu’s treachery and battled with him. He ended up being trapped in the Temple of An-hu on Pscias, and managed to bring Frin’tai’a’lee there with him and kept her there for a millennia as they both were prisoners to An-hu’s will.


Out Of The Silent Planet Underleaf