Race: Synth-Android
Sex: Female
Age: 163
Career: Killroy 1-Series Military Issue Companion Synth



A superior version of one of the local militaries early Field Companion series models, K1M is state of the art in Synth-Tech. She represents the old saying, “They just don’t make them like they used to.” A fully functioning Synth-Android she was designed as a multi-functional field series companion, however her primary purpose Was the main reason for her design and creation. Soldiers would often be away for years without the comforts of home, She was engineered with the soldiers morale as her primary goal. She has all the most advanced tech which is meant to replicate any romantic encounter, with life-like female sexual organs that act and feel like the real thing, some would argue that they are better than the real thing. She comes with a built in digital sound system that sets the mood for any romantic encounter, or if she is just playing hostess at a party for revellers looking to dance the night away. She comes equipped with a scent dispenser which is sure please her customers with a wide variety of different scents, most popular of which is “Musty Jasmine”. She also comes equipped with a Computer/3 Intellect/2 so as to engage her guest with stimulating conversation and banter when the Mood calls for it. She is knowledgable in all local customs and has a library of games which are sure to intrigue even the most stubborn and/or shy customers. K1M stands out amongst her counterparts, it is thought that perhaps she was created for someone of great importance, because the quality that was invested into her construction has not been duplicated since. Since she is an earlier model in the series her body is easily distinguishable from an organic model. Upon close inspection creases and lines on her body reveal some of her inner-circuitry such as synth servos, organic gel components, and fiber-optics.


Out Of The Silent Planet Underleaf