Karol Kreux


Race: ?
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Career: Remnant Scout

UPP: 99A766


Karol is a clever survivalist, she has spent her entire life existing on a dessimated planet, ravaged by an unknown alien species simply labeled “The Astro Daemons”. She has made a living evading danger and scraping by with the most meager of supplies. Karol is respected in her colony, she has earned a reputation as a lethal tracker and scout, so much so that any hostile denizens of this forsaken planet are all but un-aware of her presence. She has learned most of what she knows and then some from her older brother Fisk, who has taken care of her since their parents died 20 years ago. Curious and always hopeful, she is considered hopeful and optimistic about her people’s future, when hope is almost nowhere to be found in such a bleak an hopeless circumstance.

Karol Kreux

Out Of The Silent Planet Underleaf