Col. Lee Jenkins



Race: Human
Sex: Twice a week
Age: 50
Homeworld: Ice Capped, High Tech
Career: Marines, Support Branch (Officer – Rank 5 Colonel)
Royal Title: Count


Strength: 9 – 4
Dexterity: 8 (-2 from missing rt. eye) – 3zsz
Endurance: 10 – 4
Intelligence: 9
Education: 10
Social Standing: 14 (started at 6)


Advocate 0 (ex. debating an argument – Int 10-60min (Avg +0)
Athletics 0 – Str (see pg 52 – core rulebook)
Battle Dress 1 (TL 13 = +4 str, +4 dex)
Comms 2 (ex. jamming comms – Int 1-6 min dif (-2); opposed
Computers 0
Flyer- Grav 1 (air/raft that use gravitic technology)
Gun Combat
…Energy Rifle 4 (equipped)
…Slug Rifle 0
…Energy Pistol 1
Heavy Weapons
…Launcher 1
Leadership 2 (ex. shouting an order – SS 1-6sec (avg +0)
Medic 4 (ex. First Aid – Edu 1-6min regain lost characteristics)
…Unarmed 1
Explosives 1
Recon 1 (ex. spotting sniper before he shoots you – int 10-60sec (dif -2)
Stealth 1
Survival 1 (ex. gathering supplies in wilderness for 1 week – str 1-6days (avg +0)
…Military 2
…Naval 1
Vacc Suit 1
Zero G 1

Career Events:

‘Loose cannon’ through early 20’s; skilled Marine, but undisciplined. Lost right eye (Frag grenade). Re-enlisted to Marines at 26 with new found discipline and determination. Achieved Rank 5 (Colonel) over the next 26 years; A do gooder ( no drink/profanity) With a ‘pull yourself up from your bootstraps’ mentality.


Enemy: none (note –
Contact: Lieutenant General Forsythe – Fifth Fronteir War (Your company won as many battles as you were assigned in some of the most rugged environs, your soldiers were among some of the most decorated during that entire campaign. This earned you the General’s unending praise. It was by Forsythes recommendation Jenkins was given a noble title and various medals.)
Contact: Captain Griswold – Fifth Fronteir War (His company helped your regiment breakthrough to win a decisive victory at the Battle of Breakwater pass against the Zhodani after which you gained one another’s mutual respect)
Ally: Admiral Plankwell – Business Deal
Love Interest: Prii’Ta



Mantle of maruu

Nanofibr fibers tech

alt use tear nina.

ring ki blindfolded justice
petting beasts round legs – nester

astsgg trading his hair -

viserin – ponting towards the heavens

activating arm of varies visnerin is carless’s brother


Stern Metal horizons LIC – an associate of Duke Norris; Chairman of the board
Marquis Palviona Liz Brado. Rumors all over the known galaxy. New alloys-

Grimshaw resource 30 LY

Gethtchis chris sterskits bow, AG we make some of the finish ships in the galaxy looking for experienced technologies – ships used by the 3rd emporium navy

Instellarms -

Ocular Prosthetics- high port of Pixie
Dr McDougal 6 figures 3.5 parsecs

Archeology -Aslan Amara company – ancient technologies

Zing Kran from Ling standard products-lee wong

The dukes dead
Mayor Jongo B I ___



relic vase – flowers: vambrace of Energy 5d6 + 4 (Schlampi has possession)

Book on the pedestal:

Eye of Taloom: read languages; observe ultraviolet to gamma rays spectrum

in the time for reign of the pharaoh. time of ocular, galaxy of merino. be began our grand design. seed longevity/power.

test creations how they would interact

the understanding will help them serve us as true subservient species genetic mastery is the goal. hierarchy of species on some worlds, other none.
pharook as the creator rce. our was are h\jsut, wnda wisdom fair. even that of the creator himself. wink wink! Fear the hand of the Ahnhoo

genetically created translator worm in the vial

6679 numbers written in blood on the wall

wall-filled inscriptions. stories of the pharaoh and exploits in spinard matches. planet descriptions speaking of star clusters and constellation yet unseen. How long has this pyramid been here, porting the tech of these once mighty beings.

humanity brotherhood; children of the new dwn. cults that want to resist tech; anti-technology cults

varless- pharook that betrayed his kind for the love of a women.spent 777 days without rest creating a monument of a moon. giant bird carrying a flower in his beak. Frentiah-lee daughter of the strongest chieftain.

discovered access panel to entrance into domed room behind smashed mirror

I27 reichenbock

Standing inside myself I’m losing control.. watingin patiently what els can i do? withheld your love, my future is hell. Whoa!

Mantle of Maroo Breastplate of the of of-shizzle

braclet krimshaw – encrusted with priceless gems

fruity lee from rinshaw


I – nightmare
-2 room of life

you have been given the first, the second find lay in a hollow chest

third let varies yearn, to gan its strength one must und, the best secure you the finest flower nergsll -

ninerta -


enanaa – alt ability of the bright flower

the bracelet

pistol 4d6 +3 from Ainee faru
wafer reflect armor + 10

combat armor tech 11 12 resist k’nu

guntlrt flambtougrt 3d6+ 3

uk nu blaster rifle

laser sword laser saber 4d6+ 4

pistol guss 3d6 damage

Col. Lee Jenkins

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