Malcolm "Defcon Zero" Reynolds

the drinking combat pilot


Name: Malcolm “Defcon Zero” Reynolds
Age: 38
Race: Human
Homeworld: Solomani


STR: 9
DEX: 6
END: 7
INT: 12
EDU: 10
SOC: 9


Broker: 1
Carouse: 2
Diplomat: 1
Drive: (Wheeled) 1
Gun Combat: (Energy Pistol) 1
Melee: (Unarmed) 2
Pilot: (Spacecraft) 4
Pilot: (Capital ship) 1
Trade: (Polymers) 1
Trade: (Space Construction) 1
Vac suit: 0
Zero-G: 1


Life was a struggle growing up on New Utah. Money was hard to come by. The only thing that kept me alive was the traders from other worlds. My family drilled for ore and sold it to the traders. I looked up to these traders and one in particular. His name was Kalam Zohd. He captained a large frieghter and dropped this ore off to other worlds. He was originally from the republic, but despised them for constantly inspecting his ship and taxing the crap out of him. He spoke of this hatred constantly.

I too despised the republic for the same reasons. My family could have made considerably more if is wasn’t for these taxes and fee’s. The outer rim recieved no support for these taxes. I wish the solomani never joined forces with the republic.

Once i bacamed of age i approached Kalam to join his ship and team. He politely said no because he had no room or positions available. He said he would look out for a spot. 23 months later, he helped me board another ship. For years i het the books and learned the skills. I was able to navigate asteroid fields at almost full speed, for that i was given the call sigh “defcon zero”. But there was a problem. This captain was an ass. He ruled the ship with an iron fist, literally. I spoke up for the crew many times; and for that he denied me a promotion and knocked me on my ass.

Five years later we were in a convey hauling ore when we were ambushed by a Zuldani attack force. by the stars we were the last ship to be taked down. Our core was hit and power was lost. The bridge was almost completely destroyed. The captain and the rest of the crew was dead. It was only i and a passenger was left. I navigated to an uninhabited planet for a crash landing. Or at least so i thought it was uninhabited. Hours after i crash i meet a zuldani. We almost went to blows. we called a truce and developed a plan to get off this planet.

After a few years we piced to gether my damaged frieghter and made it back to new Utah. We had deloped a friendship over that time. Because we lost the cargo i was fired or dismissed and charges were brought up for disobeying an order and loss of cargo. After a few years of a court battle i won my case. I was rehired for a time, but it didnt last. I couln’t work for those bastards anymore. I sued those bastards for lost wages, and i’ll be damned, i i won. So i quit and went out on my own for pilot for hire.

Malcolm "Defcon Zero" Reynolds

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