Actress, Noble, Contact, NPC


Race: Vargr/Humanati
Age: 44
Career: Actress



Prri’Ta hails from the planet Kinorb. A rich, non-industrial Imperial world located within the Kinorb Cluster in the Regina Subsector of the Spinward Marches. Prri’Ta was born into a Military Family, her father a Human is a retired Duke Captain of the Third Imperium Navy from a time well before the most recent conflicts arose. Prii’Ta’s Mother is a Vargr actress. Although Kinorb is known as a “Resort Planet”, it lies dangerously close to the borders of the Imperiums influence. It has high-grade living conditions and life on Kinorb is much admired by off-worlders. Though non-industrial; filmmaking has become quite popular as well, the film industry is seemingly far ahead of its time on Kinorb, and only continues to thrive by imports and funding from the Royal families of Industrialized Worlds. Prri’Ta is a popular actress on Kinorb, mostly acting in cultural adaptations of war novels and stories connected to Vargr occupations of antiquity. She met Colonel Jenkins at an Imperial Ball in the year 1114, upon receiving his honorary title. Apparently he charmed the pants off of her, both figuratively and literally.


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