Viktor Froll

With a gaze that cuts like a knife, Viktor is a shark of the business world.


Race: Humanati
Sex: Male
Age: 37
Career: Trade Ambassador, Customer Relations Manager for Ling Standard Products, LIC.

UPP: 657BC9


The group of Travellers encountered Viktor at the reception Duke Norris held at his estate on the moon Regina. He was obviously up to something after he had a rather brief and nasty encounter with Sclampe near the buffet table. Soon after Viktor and his assistant Yu Wong were talking with Colonel Jenkins. After a brief scuffle Viktor had managed to slip out of the party unnoticed and our Travellers were left implicated with the potential assassination of one of the Third Imperiums favorite Dukes. Viktor Froll has not been encountered since, but the Travellers left a bad taste in his mouth and he will most likely not be on good terms if they ever do cross paths again. He is most likely back to his usual business regime which has him traveling all over known space. Viktor Froll can be a dangerous enemy with virtually limitless assets at his disposable he would be a tough adversary and is a most cunning businessman.

Viktor Froll

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