Zavv N'Garr

Accomplished Vargr Soldier, Avenger, Contact, NPC


Race: Vargr
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown
Career: Mercenary, Veteran of the Vargr 23rd Alpha Squad



Zavv is a highly decorated Vargr soldier that has fought in many battles against the Zhodani Consulate as well as the Third Imperium. His unit has fought to victory against great odds and turned the tide of many an engagement as a result his squad was notorious among the enemy ranks. Near the end of their campaign the 23rd Alpha Squad was tasked with escorting a Fleet Admiral serving as personal guards through a dangerous sub-sector. The fleet was ambushed while protecting a capital ship headed to the War-Front in the Uthe Sector, more specifically Ougsdaelzoerrgh. Their entire ship was ripped through a Black Hole to an alternate dimension, there they encounter forces they had never encountered before. The survivors managed to reverse the effect and slip back through the Black Hole. Those that returned to speak of it called them “Demons of the Astrowaste”. Zavv’s entire unit including his best friend and two brothers were all killed in that ambush. Zavv N’Garr has PTSD as a result and swears by oath that he will exact vengeance one day against these demons and destroy them. He currently hires himself as a contract warrior, but would easily drop paying jobs to help those he calls his friends.


Zavv N'Garr

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