A ships' engineer is always welcomed and Zuganja is no exception...


Dressed in pale grey robes with light tan sleeves Zuganja is not as strong, fast, or enduring as most of his race but he makes up for it with a calculating mind and a fairly stoic demeanor.

Race: Aslan
Sex: Male
Age: 50
Career: Veteran Scholar Scientist


Strength: 6
Dexterity: 6
Endurance: 6
Intelligence: 13 (D)
Education: 10 (A)
Social Standing: 8


Advocate 2
Art (Writing) 0
Carouse 0
Comms 1
Computers 3
Diplomat 0
Engineer (Jump Drives) 1
Engineer (Manouevre Drives) 1
Engineer (Electronics) 1
Gun Combat (Energy Pistol) 0
Gunner (Ortillery) 0
Investigate 1
Jack of All Trades 3
Language (Anglic) 1
Language (Ornprith) 1
Medic 1
Melee (Natural) 1
Navigation 1
Pilot (Small) 1
Physical Sciences (Electronics) 1
Social Sciences (Psychology) 0
Streetwise 0
Survival 1
Vacc Suit 1
Zero-G 1



Stranded on a Planet after failing a mission, gained Survival
Stolen Technology from Adonovox
Unprecedented Discovery



Enemy: Adonovox
Love Interest: Ma’Rha Silversun


7 Ship Shares

100,000 Credits


Zu from Sumerian Anzû misread as Zû. In Ancient history Anzû was a lesser divinity who stole the “Tablet of Destinies,” and whoever possessed the tablet ruled the universe. Ganja from Ganzak is adopted by the Persians and means “Treasurer.” Zuganja thus means “The Treasurer of the Tablet of Destinies.”

Sullen and stoic Zuganja was brought into The Tlaukhu to serve his race early on and though trained in many subjects he excelled in Advocacy and, especially in, Computers. He learned basic hand-to-hand combat as he grew in stature and strength.


Tablet of Destinies (Sumerian: Dup Shimati)

Years (30-34) Science Mission “Pandora” [CLASSIFIED: TOP SECRET]
Event Horizon Research Station Alpha-Hydron-Ark
A remote extra-solar research station with multi-faceted laboratories that store, sequence and analyze biological DNA codes, life samples and alien objects. Each Ark or laboratory is given a separate prefix, ex: Alpha, beta, sigma, et cetera


  • Project: Cipherion-Ark [CLASSIFIED: TOP SECRET]*
    A non-entity based secret method of coding information, in essence a Black-hole unraveler. It is a threshold to extragalactic transportation. Ancient Tech?

Contact Player Character: Punjabi
-The wave stabilization mechanism for the Cipherion-Ark was based on a Sigma-Hydron-Psionic Wave Resonator drive developed in part by Zuganja and Pun Jah Bi.

“Kuzu has become the hotbed for interstellar technology for the once primitive Aslan race. This is the Capital Planet amongst this Noble and Honorable race. Zuganja served The Tlaukhu (”Council of the Twenty-Nine") as an Advisor of Kuzuan Scientific and Scholastic Discovery. As an Advisor to the Council Zuganja was granted certain privileges regarding his research and methodologies for obtaining discoveries that would benefit the Aslan race as a whole. Zuganja gave his mind to the will of The Tlaukhu and almost gave his life in order to obtain an unprecedented discovery. A secret mission landed Zuganja in hot water with a dealer in strange and exotic goods. Adonovox placed implicit trust in Zuganja whose computer expertise and scholastic studies he found useful. Gorpl never trusted the Aslan and the two never saw eye to eye from the outset. Nevertheless Zuganja stayed the course of The Tlaukhu’s mission for the scientist and through chicanery was able to acquire the Krimshaw Artifact. As Adonovox’s ship had top-flight computers Zuganja knew exactly how to manipulate the Matter Simulator and the ship’s Security Access Center. After ‘assisting’ Adonovox in the recognition of the artifact’s atomic, molecular, and elemental structure Zuganja took highly detailed photographs of the artifact stating that the Computer Data Bank did not have the symbols on the artifact on record. This surprised Adonovox to some degree but he acquiesced to the Computer Expert. Zuganja stated the photographs will give Adonovox a hard copy to research the symbols without having to carry the artifact on person. Gorpl knew better but Adonovox liked the idea for more than one unscrupulous reason. Adonovox took the artifact from the Material Identifier and was followed by Gorpl. The Handler made the mistake of trusting Zuganja with the ships’ most important operating system: the Computer. During the course to their next destination Zuganja made his move. Adonovox had no idea the ship’s Security Access Center could be manipulated to include simple applications which could be installed on Zuganja’s Communications Devices. Quietly and quickly he disabled all of the security measures in place over the artifact and Adonovox’s Quarters. Not only this but he had the artifact replicated through the Matter Simulator to weigh just a bit heavier by using a synthetic metal in near elemental composition to the artifact itself. Those photos? Yup, ship’s computer scanner uploaded the images into the Matter Simulator and yes the Simulator recreated those symbols. As Adonovox lie sleeping Zuganja pulled off the heist. Zuganja cleared all histories of the computer concealing his subterfuge. Adonovox never questioned the replicated artifact and as he made his way through the starport of the next planet Zuganja made his escape. Throngs of Sophonts and a coded message to an old friend let Zuganja blend into the crowd and onto an extremely fast small ship which left Adonovox in a bad bind with his buyer. Gorpl saved the Handler through the name of a certain Aslan, ‘ZUGANJA!!’. Adonovox talked fast and smoothed his way out of another potentially deadly situation but not without a flushed face and a major embarrassment.
Zuganja made his way back to Kuzu only to discover that his patron, a Council Member of the Twenty-Nine, had perished whiled on a mission of diplomacy. Not sure what to do with the artifact he held onto it. The Council apparently had no idea of Zuganja’s secret mission as none of the members ever questioned him or brought it up. Nevertheless Zuganja knew he needed some time with Ma’Rha, his friend, lover, and confidant. On a star-filled night he gave her the artifact after realizing their time had come to an end. The research project had ended while he was gone and she was off to another planet. She waited for Zuganja to return and the next morning they exchanged embraces and romantic gestures before saying, ‘Goodbye.’" -Chronicles of Zuganja


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