Burnside's Battle Dress

TL 13 Battle Dress Combat Armor





The ultimate personal armour, battle dress is a powered form of combat armour. The servo motors vastly increase the user’s speed and strength, boosting his Strength and Dexterity by + 4 while wearing the armour. Damage to the wearer’s characteristics is calculated as normal, but the values from the armour are used for all other purposes such as hand to hand damage or skill checks. The suit has a built in computer/2 running an Expert Tactics (military)/2 program to give tactical advice and updates and is commonly outfitted with numerous upgrades. The suit is fully enclosed, with a twenty-four hour air supply and gives full protection against environmental hazards — including NBC shielding — as if it was a HEV suit. Burnside’s Battle Dress has several added amenities which make it unique among it’s kind; It has a built-in voice modulator and speakers to amplify the user’s voice. It comes equipped with Motion Sensors, Magnetic Grapples, Gas Dispensers, Light Intensification, Extended Life Support (+18 hours), Radio, and finally it features a large retractable Flamberge-style vibro-blade attachment on the left arm which can be fired as a projectile or used in melee, doing 4d6 +3 damage. This Battle Dress stands at 8’3" in height and requires a minimum of Battle Dress 1 to operate.

Burnside's Battle Dress

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