Nistari's Wrath





A single Vambrace ornately crafted which extends down the entire forearm and covers the back of the hand. The guard covering the hand is in the shape of a ferocious beast head. It pulses with otherworldly power.

  • As a free action it can be activated, once activated two blades of focused molecules extend 24 inches from the hand. These blades are energy weapons doing a combined 5d6+4 damage on a successful hit.
  • As a free action the wearer can activate an alternate function. The wearer gains inhuman-like reflexes allowing double movement and an extra attack, also adding a -2 to the opponents attack rolls to hit the wearer. This effect lasts for 12 seconds. (Once per day)
  • As a significant action the Beast Head which protects the hand can be shot up to 30 meters (100 feet) and acts as a grappling hook with a built in winch which can be activated as a minor action.. Due to the barbed teeth It inflicts 3d6 damage if used on a living target.

Nistari's Wrath

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