Tear of Ni-na




TEAR OF NI-NA (Intelligence)

This tiny genetically enhanced symbiotic living Artefact is in the form of a cocoon in a liquid filled vial. Once broken it can be inserted into the ear, it forms a symbiotic bond with its host and acts as a verbal translator along with several other functions.

  • The wearer is able to recognize virtually any form of spoken language encountered and in return are provided the correct words to respond in that language. This is a passive ability.
  • The symbiotic relationship evolves as the hosts hearing is enhanced significantly, as a free action it can be activated to enhance the hosts hearing, localizing the hosts hearing up to a range of 100 meters (328 feet). In addition the host benefits from the symbiotes genetically superior capabilities and causes the host to begin reverse aging towards the physical prime of their species at a rate of 1 year reversed per 1 week of symbiotic Union.
  • The wearer gains a 3 in any skill of their choosing, or they can choose a 2 in any two skills of their choosing. Once chosen these skills cannot be changed.

Tear of Ni-na

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