The Arm of Varlus





An ornate bracelet 4 inches in length, constructed of Crimshaw, with glowing inlay and encrusted with several priceless gems. It has several functions.

  • The Arm of Varlus can propel a plasma infused bolt at a target for 7d6+4 damage with 2d6 splash to each adjacent square. This weapon has a range of Long. (Each blast weakens the wielded 1 point of Strength until a full rest and recovery. This strength loss effect is cumulative.)
  • When activated as a minor action a force-field of shimmering plasma forms with a 6 meter radius (19.68 ft.) The wearer must concentrate on the shield to keep it active, this uses a minor action. The wearer can move while concentrating, but can only move at half speed. It can take up to 150 damage before dissipating. (Once per day)
  • The shielding capability has an alternate function; it allows the wielder as a minor action to condense the energy into a solid state plasma shield which forms a disc-like shield (1 meter in diameter) which extends from the bracelet. This has several functions. It grants the wielder a cover bonus against attacks as well as deflecting incoming fire back at the attacker. If the attacker is within 12 meters (39.36 ft.) roll 2d6. On a roll of 10-12 the projectile is directed back at the attacker.

The Arm of Varlus

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