The Bright Flower



A Staff with a futuristic representation of a glowing Lotus-type flower at its tip, just wielding this staff inspires awe, it acts as an Electrical Power Conduit or Atomic Particle Accelerator. It is a self generating device; it can be used as an energy source or an energy weapon with atomic capabilities. There are settings on it which changes the output of energy levels; respectively it can hold 20 charges. It recharges itself at a rate of 5 charges per full day, up to the total of 20 charges in 4 days. This recharge rate is halved if used on a generator or ships core.

  • 1 charge is consumed at the lowest setting, on up to 10 charges at the highest setting. Respectively there are 10 settings for energy output. The staff does 20d6+10 damage at its highest setting with a knock back of 2d6 meters. The blast radius is 6 meters at highest setting. (1 meter = 3.28 feet). Setting 5 would do 10d6+5 damage, using 5 charges and causing 1d6 meters knock back power, with a blast radius of 3 meters. Setting 4 through 1 do their respective damage but have no knock back power. The user must have at least 1 rank in Heavy Weapons (any) to use the staff in this way.
  • The power output of the staff can be focused and used similar to a cutting tool; effectively a high intensity laser extending 4 feet from the tip which can cut through almost any material. This does 4d6 damage per round, it consumes 1 charge per hour when used in this way.
  • As a significant action it can be activated to allow the wielder to levitate without restraint for up to sixty minutes per-day. As long as there are at least 5 charges remaining. Activating this function consumes 1 charge each time it is used.

The Bright Flower

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