Vision of Rin-Ki




VISION OF RIN-KI (Intelligence)

A single compact component with ancient Faruk lettering about its surface, it hums slightly with a mesmerizing tone. This Artefact inspires awe and wonder to any that dare grasp it. When attached to the body (determined by the wearer) it sends Nano-fibers in through the brain attaching themselves to the retina.

  • As a significant action the wearer can create duplicate images of themselves to confuse and distract their enemies. They can conjure up to 4 holographic replicas of themselves at any distance up to 6 meters away (19.68 feet). These replicas mirror the movements of the wearer or can be set to recite a particular message and set of actions within reason. These holographic images seem real in every sense including smell, but cannot interact with the environment and the deception fails if they are touched. This ability lasts for 60 minutes or until cancelled. (Once per Day)
  • The wearer can perceive warps and wrinkles in the fabric of time and space, essentially they can detect anomalous rifts where potential inter dimensional doorways can be placed or opened. In addition it can locate the presence of other artefacts through a pulse-like scan of their surroundings with a 10 mile radius. This pulse is activated as a minor action.
  • If the user possesses Psionic capabilities it enhances their powers. When the wearer uses a Psionic power the Vision of Rin-Ki boosts the ability as if they had used 3 additional Psionic points. This only counts for any Psionic ability that they posses at 0 or higher.

Vision of Rin-Ki

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