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  • Welcome to your campaign!

    Our friends found themselves on a short holiday of sorts on Highport in orbit around [[Regina]] the Moon world in the sector of the same name. Most of their careers had seen a lot of interesting developments and each one has a story to tell, but they …


    [[File:513562 | class=media-item-align-center | 550x422px | Regina1.png]] [[File:513558 | class=media-item-align-center | 213x233px | Regina_minipage.png]]

    REGINA A788899 C 2

  • Marquis Mark

    Although born into a wealthy family of elite standing, Marquis Mark is a modest man, he is not fond of those who boast of their acheivements. He loves cleverly crafted tales of exploits however. A Blade Ball Champion, Marquis Mark and his team won the …

  • Duke Norris Aledon

    With a background in the Navy, Duke Norris is more vocal than most in his calls for greater military strength to be deployed to the Marches. He is also very critical of what he calls ‘over–politicisation’ of the Sector Fleet and has repeatedly asked for …

  • Viktor Froll

    The group of Travellers encountered Viktor at the reception Duke Norris held at his estate on the moon Regina. He was obviously up to something after he had a rather brief and nasty encounter with Sclampe near the buffet table. Soon after Viktor and his …

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