FERI B584879 – B

A rich world located in the Regina Subsector of the Spinward Marches. Feri is a member of the Imperium and the system contains a Scout Base. In addition to Feri Startown, other major settlements on Feri include Falstaff, Muzila, Khur City, and Imim.

Feri has been embroiled in a world-wide war since 1105. According to the official story some of the nations want Feri to leave the Imperium and are fighting the nations that want to stay, but there must be more to the story than that, because the Imperium has only lent the friendly nations a few paltry army divisions, and the war itself remains unresolved after more than a decade and shows no sign of being resolved any time soon. If anything, the Imperium-friendly nations seem to be losing. The whole planet is a battleground, with areas of low-intensity guerrilla conflict and occasional hotspots of open warfare.

It’s a mystery why the Travellers’ Aid Society has not awarded Feri Amber Zone status long ago. It is expected to do so any day now.


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