NPC, Warrior Chieftess


Race: Oontak
Sex: Female
Age: Unknown
Career: Tribal Cheiftain, Accomplished Warrior and Hunter


Cheiftain of the Grach Tribe on the planet Pscias, Daroo is a fierce warrior and expert hunter. She and her twin brother Okloo lead the Grach tribe. For generations they have fought against their main rival tribe the Ma’klo who have denied them burial rights for their people for generations on the sacred burial grounds because of a long ago disagreement between tribes, they have never resolved the issue which has caused hatred between tribes and constant conflict spanning centuries. The Ma’klo is a much larger tribe, however the Grach make up for it with their very warrior-like lifestyles, they are trained in the arts of combat, hunting, trapping, poison use, and archery from a very young age. Daroo excelled in her youth and was also always backed up by her much larger but slightly more dense twin brother. She is ever curious about her surroundings and is always aware of what is happening around her. She can be faulted on her ever growing desire for power and can be impatient at times, growing tired of the passive nature of those around her.


Out Of The Silent Planet Underleaf