Doctor, Plantetologist, NPC


Race: Aslan
Sex: Female
Age: 48
Career: Doctor, Planetologist

UPP: 564EB5


Ma’Rha is a true lover of the universe, and has devoted her life’s work to seeking and discovering new Worlds. This is what has lead her to travel far from her Homeworld and near the borders of the Third Imperium. She acquired an Imperium R&D pass when she worked for Amara. Ma’Rha hails from Kusyu (Kuzu in Anglic), the Aslan Capital located in the Yataw Sub-sector. Kusyu has a population of 4.6 billion, which includes the population of the artificial satellites and of several undersea colonies. There are less than 600,000 non-Aslan on Kusyu and has a standard atmosphere tainted with industrial pollutants. Sixty percent of the world is covered with water oceans. She encountered Zuganja when they were colleagues on the Space Station Laboratory moon of “Event Horizon Research Station Alpha-Hydron-Ark”. They developed a romance that lasted 4 cycles, but one day ended because their research had ended. They left each other on good terms.


Out Of The Silent Planet Underleaf