Punj Abi Yur'Raj

Mystic Explorer of the Universe


Race: Zhodani
Sex: Male
Age: 50
Homeworld: Gari Mas (SP127) Asteroid, Vacuum
Career: Psion Adept


Strength: 5
Dexterity: 6
Endurance: 7
Intelligence: 8
Education: 11 (B)
Social Standing: 10 (A)
Psionic Strength: 9


Astrogation 1
Comms 2
Computers 1
Gunner (Turrets) 1
Gun (Lazer Pistol) 0
Life Sciences (Psioncology) 1
Life Sciences (Biology) 1
Life Sciences (Cybernetics) 1
Life Sciences (Genetics) 1
Medic 2
Navigation 1
Recon 1
Sensors 2
Space Sciences (Robotics) 1
Space Sciences (Xenology) 1
Vacc Suit 1
Zero-G 1

Psion Skills:

Awareness 1
Clairvoyance 2
Telekinesis 0
Telepathy 0
Teleportation 4

Career Events:

Discovery: Teleportation [Multi-Being]
Discovery: Teleportation [Astral Projection]
Technique: Telekinesis [Projectile Hold]


Ally: Adonovox
Contact: Jaskell
Contact: Zuganja
Contact: Lee Jenkins
Ally: Zavv N’Garr
Love Interest: Marquis Mark


Artifact: Tear of Ni-Na (Language comprehension, 100M hearing)
Reverse aging 1 year = 1 week after symbiosis.

Scientific Mobile Analysis unit
Interparty coms device
Remote Planetary Communications device
Robot Sensory and Surveillance Drones x2
Lazer Pistol
Space Suit?
Cryo-contained alien oontoc beings
2 Ship Shares (Frozen Asset)
14,000 Credits (Frozen Assets)


“I am the culmination of all things before me.” -Sayings of Punj Abi Yur’Raj

Planet Punjab [Red Zone: Contaminated]
The word Punjab is a xenonym and exonym from the Persian words panj (“five”) and Āb (“waters”), thus Panjāb means “Five Oceans”, which roughly means “Land of Five Oceans”. “Punjabi” thus, is the one from the Land of Five Oceans. Likewise, the word Yur’Raj denotes the Sovereignty (Raj) of Yur, translated as “a sovereign place of solar winds.” Punjabi Yur’Raj is not a name but a place in the Universe. In essence, the namesake Punjabi Yur’Raj encompasses the entirety of his people.

(History of the Punjabi of Yur’Raj)
PunJ Abi Yur’Raj is one of the few survivors of a biological terrorist attack upon the Zhodani that inhabited the Yur’Raj system.
The Zhodani of Yur’Raj where known for their prowess in teleportation and clairvoyance. It is said that the strongest line of Zhodani mystics could project their spirit across time and space. They are said to have the ability to bend temporal reality to their will.

(Prelude: A History of Youth)
PunJabi’s youth was spent under strict dictation by the Zhodani Government at the Prestigious Military Space Acadamy: Arjuna (MSAA). This is where he became intrigued by the disciplines of Xenology, Biology, and Psionology which led directly to his work in advanved medicine at an early age. MSAA is located inside the Sub-planetary Object Gari-Mas (SP127) in irregular orbit around Brown Dwarf Xyra. Sub-Star Xyra is located near the “outer-rim” of extrasolar subsystem of Zhodani Space.

Planet Arjuna
This Planet is ancient to the Zhodani people. A place where the God’s of Nature reign supreme and the ways of the Psion are tested.
(Years 18-22) Official Zhodani Noble and Honor’s Graduate of the Military Space University Arjuna (MSUA)

[Classified Zhodani Transcription]
First of Class, Honors in Teleportation (Yur’Raj Born)
-Unique: Astral Projection
-Unique: Multi-Being
-Specialized in Mass Transport
-Specialized in Distance
Honors in Clairvoyance.
-Astral Projection (Variant)
Qualifications in Awareness.
Standard: Telekinesis, Telepathy.

Recommendations: Zhodani Special Forces, Zhodani Command, Zhodani Specialized Scientific Research
Fields: Sensory, Communications, Extraction, Infiltration, Research, Medical, advanced Psioncology.

(Years 22-26) Non-Government Aligned Special Forces [NGO Classified]
A member station of a galactic organization that lends support to war affected worlds

Unit Code Named “Valkyrie”

-Remote Extraction (Teleportation in Direct Combat)
-Communications Support (Telepathic Information Relay)
-Sensory Support (Clairvoyance Reconnaissance)
- Medical Support
- Cybernetic implants and reconstruction

Contact PC: Pvt. Leeroy Jenkins
-Emergency Medical evacuation for life threatening head trauma.
-cranial reconstruction, regenerative Mrna polymer cellular synthesis, advanced bio-synthetic nanite brain resuscitation, carbon-nanite self constructing cell grafting structures, bio-robotic sensory responsive optical nuero-link, bio-rhythm life sign monitoring uplink.

(Years 26-30) 23rd Alpha Squadron [Vargr Classified]

Communications and Sensory Officer, Medical Field Specialist
-Advanced Sensory and Communications array specialist
-Away team medical expert.

Battle of Gah’Ruk Paz
Zhodani vs Imperial/Vargr Allianied Forces. These Battles constituted of raids on scientific facilities housing non-sanctioned war based cloning bases and bio-synthetic viral scientific laboratories
-Technical Gunnery Support
-Extraction and Retrieval of Sensitive Scientific Data (Bio – Data)
Ally: Zavv N’Garr(Commanding Officer)
Zavv has been a secret contact who holds key information that unraveled the secrets as to the fall of the Yur’Raj

Years (30-34) Science Mission “Pandora” [CLASSIFIED: TOP SECRET]

Event Horizon Research Station Alpha-Hydron-Ark
A remote extra-solar research station with multi-faceted laboratories that store, sequence and analyze biological DNA codes, life samples and alien objects. Each Ark or laboratory is given a separate prefix, ex: Alpha, beta, sigma, et cetera

(34-42) Project: Cipherion-Ark [CLASSIFIED: TOP SECRET]
A non-entity based secret method of coding information, in essence a Black-hole unraveler. It is a threshold to extragalactic transportation. Ancient Tech?

Xenological and Psioncological Expert
Retrieval and Extraction of Alien Extra-Dimensional Anomalies (AEDA)
-meds for deep space stabilization.
-Investigator of mental instability resonance from alien-tech contact
-Psion-Hydro shielding interaction on alien-tech G-Ban frequency discovered.
-Mind shielding poly-nanite nuero-stabilizing micro hydro-carbon enzyme time released injections [Punjabi Discovery]
Contact Character: Zuganja
-The wave stabilization mechanism for the Cipherion-Ark was based on a Sigma-Hydron-Psionic Wave Resonator drive developed in part by Zuganja and Punjabi.

(38-42) Science Mission “Atman” [CLASSIFIED: TOP SECRET]
Steward of Sigma-Hydron-Ark’s DNA Sequencing Chambers
An outer-space research facility only accessible by teleportation. This laboratory consists of a main chamber in the shape of a sphere. Cylindrical columns reach out from the main containment chamber

Structural BIology, Stem-cells and Epigenetics, Bio-engineering, Molecular Medicine and Disease, Microbiology, Immunology, Bio-chemistry, Bio-physics, cell-biology, structural biology, computational and systems

(Years 42-46) Biorobotics

Nano-tech, Reverse engineering, Biorobotics is a term that loosely covers the fields of cybernetics, bionics and even genetic engineering as a collective study. Biorobotics is often used to refer to a real subfield of robotics: studying how to make robots that emulate or simulate living biological organisms mechanically or even chemically. The term is also used in a reverse definition: making biological organisms as manipulatable and functional as robots, or making biological organisms as components of robots.In the latter sense, biorobotics can be referred to as a theoretical discipline of comprehensive genetic engineering in which organisms are created and designed by artificial means. The creation of life from non-living matter for example, would be biorobotics. The field is in its infancy and is sometimes known as synthetic biology or bionanotechnology.

Years (46-50) Scientific Consultant and Researcher

Imperial Sanctioned Research Scientist
- Age Related Drugs
- Biological and Synthetic prosthetics and cybernetics

Ally: Adonovox
Contact: Jaskell
Love Interest Marquis Mark

Years (50+) Fugitive of the Law: Guru Punjabi

Accused of the assassination of Duke Norris
-Fled imprisonment from Planet Regina
Episode One: Forgotten Freighter
-discovered a cache of Ūntohc psionic alien beings, recovered three eggs and placed into cryo-freeze for study.

Punj Abi Yur'Raj

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