Race: Unknown
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown
Career: Faruk


One such story talks of a Faruk named Varlus who betrayed his fellow Faruk for the love of a woman, a woman of renowned beauty. So much so that she bedazzled the Faruk Warrior Varlus. The woman seemed to be of a primitive species and not of one which the Faruk were the creators of.
According to this legend Varlus so loved this woman, that he spent 777 days without rest creating a monument on that planets moon, so that it was visible from planet side. The monument was a giant bird carrying a flower in its beak, this bird represented Varlus and the flower was his love that he felt for her. But other Faruk attempted to disuade him from seeing this woman, as it was not their custom and it was looked down upon to cohabit with lesser species. Varlus paid no heed and visited this Woman whose name was Frin’tai’a’lee. She was the daughter of the strongest chieftain of the primitive people of the planet at that time.


Out Of The Silent Planet Underleaf