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  • The Arm of Varlus

    %{color:purple}THE ARM OF VARLUS% %{color:Orange}(Strength)%

    An ornate bracelet 4 inches in length, constructed of Crimshaw, with glowing inlay and encrusted with several priceless gems. It has several functions.

    • The Arm of …

  • The Eye of Kai-fo

    %{color:purple}THE EYE OF KAI-FO% %{color:Orange}(Education)%

    A flat metal disc which can be placed on the fore-head centered between and above the eyes. It grants vision to its wielded, it projects a brilliant light which automatically …

  • Vision of Rin-Ki

    %{color:purple}VISION OF RIN-KI% %{color:Orange}(Intelligence)%

    A single compact component with ancient Faruk lettering about its surface, it hums slightly with a mesmerizing tone. This Artefact inspires awe and wonder to any that dare grasp …

  • The Bright Flower

    %{color:purple}THE BRIGHT FLOWER% %{color:Orange}(Social Standing)%

    A Staff with a futuristic representation of a glowing Lotus-type flower at its tip, just wielding this staff inspires awe, it acts as an Electrical Power Conduit or Atomic …

  • Home Page

    [[File:513596 | class=media-item-align-center | 750x1500px | oUT_OF_THE_sILENT_pLANET9.jpg]] [[File:513589 | class=media-item-align-center | 640x386px | Traveller.jpg]]


    [[File:513572 | class=media-item-align-center | 900x900px | __nother_gas_giant_by_koreanpacifist-d3f4bda.jpg]] [[File:513558 | class=media-item-align-center | 213x233px | Regina_minipage.png]]

  • Col. Lee Jenkins

    Stern Metal horizons LIC - an associate of Duke Norris; Chairman of the board Marquis Palviona Liz Brado. Rumors all over the known galaxy. New alloys- Grimshaw resource 30 LY Gethtchis chris sterskits bow, AG we make some of the finish …

  • Punj Abi Yur'Raj

    *"I am the culmination of all things before me." -Sayings of Punj Abi Yur'Raj* *Planet Punjab [Red Zone: Contaminated]* [[File:545785 | class=media-item-align-none | 484x470px | zhodani.jpg]] *Etymology* _The word Punjab is a xenonym and exonym …

  • Karol Kreux

    Karol is a clever survivalist, she has spent her entire life existing on a dessimated planet, ravaged by an unknown alien species simply labeled "The Astro Daemons". She has made a living evading danger and scraping by with the most meager of supplies. …

  • Fisk "Joe" Kreux

    Fisk is a no nonsense individual, who comes off abrasive which he uses as a defense mechanism to cover up the sorrow and grief that he has had to bear all these years. He has has raised his little sister Karol since she was 5 and has taught her in the …

  • K1M

    A superior version of one of the local militaries early Field Companion series models, K1M is state of the art in Synth-Tech. She represents the old saying, "They just don't make them like they used to." A fully functioning Synth-Android she was designed …

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