PSCIAS X555423-2

Pscias; a Quarantined Tertiary Red Planet. Visual Scans show it to have 2 large continents with vast jungle, great towering mountains and massive bodies of ocean surrounding the land. Flanked by three moons, and by 2 suns which stay on the same side of the planet at all times, each day lasts 45 hours of which the daylight lasts 29 hours. In the scout logs it contains only minor details of the inhabitants and rumors and theory mostly. The most intelligent being a primitive species known as the Oontak, Amphibian-like marsh dwellers. Pscias has vast Flora and Fauna and several million different types and species of life. Ranging from microscopic plankton, to large lumbering Vax-Mangu(carnivorous hairy mammals weighing up to 3 tons, with uncanny speed).


The Oontak : Most Intelligent species on the planet Pscias. Primitive Technology. The Oontak speak in a guttural type language which has inter-mixed a familiar type dialect of the Ancients. The Oontak are a ritualistic, warrior people, with tribe-like communities. They have surprisingly advanced medicine capability and amazing control over the creatures of their world. They are a patriarchal species that has a council of elders who are elected to regulate the order and justice of the tribes through true democracy.


The Temple of An-hu: An enormous structure with intricate detail and brilliant craftsmanship. You have never seen it’s like, and it seems far older, but yet far more advanced than any structures of the Imperium. It has overgrowth of vegetation from the many centuries since the Faruk were last here. It covers a large expanse of Jungle and from a distance actually looks like a mountain from the dense overgrowth.


Out Of The Silent Planet Underleaf